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CSF Disaster Plans

First aid

Personal trauma


410 Slaterville Road
Dryden, NY

Telephone 844-8367

Barn A&B building code: 1200K

Barn C building code: 1200L


Emergency personnel contacts:


Director of operations

Tom Eddy

844-8265 (office)
539-6083 (home)
592-2783 (cell)


Lisa Furman

844-8367 (office)

Water pressure drop or loss - all hours

Contact maintenance personnel, above, to evaluate.

Fire alarm activation - all hours

The Harford Volunteer Fire Company will respond via automatic communication direct to Cortland County Fire Control. Also, a 60 second tone on the T & R Center's radio frequency will alert maintenance staff.

All personnel evacuate to the main foyer area for further instruction, if any. Personnel may re-enter buildings upon silencing of the alarm.

Contact emergency personnel (above).


Emergency-all personnel evacuate area.

Close doors -meet in designated area - then see "fire alarm activation."

Site representative will report to fire department personnel once they arrive to provide information:

  • Account for staff.
  • Where exactly fire started.
  • Where animals are located.
  • Chemicals in the facility that are toxic or explosive.

Keep out of way of fire apparatus and do not re-enter building until it is secured and deemed safe by fire officials.

Personnel safety: If injury or bums - administer first aid until help arrives (refer to "first aid -emergency response" SOP. Keep injured person as comfortable as possible (refer to "first aid" SOP).

Contact emergency personnel (above).

Electrical power outage - all hours

Call contact personnel/maintenance to evaluate situation. Stand-by power generation plants are available. They must be installed by maintenance personnel.

Contact emergency personnel (above).


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