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The Cornell STAR© accelerated lambing system was developed by Brian Magee and Doug Hogue. The benefits of the system are easy management to provide lambs for year-round marketing and to increase production per ewe.

Quicktime stream of STAR video

An ALL-STAR ewe and her twins.

Lambing records of another excellent ewe.

Note on reducing annual lambing days:

Beginning in 1998, we shortened the fall breeding season to 20 days.  This allowed all ewes the chance to cycle at least once and, based upon previous records, more than 90% of the open ewes should breed during the first 20 days of breeding.  We have since shortened all but the March-April and June breeding seasons to 20 days.  This reduced the annual number of days lambing from 150 to 120 so that our labor could be used for other activities and still maintain high productivity.

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