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Shearing school

21 & 22 March 2015

The shearing school will be held at Shepherds Way LLC, 623 Bird Cemetery Rd, Locke, NY 13092.

Instruction will include the shearing pattern, blade sharpening techniques, physical fitness, handpiece maintenance and more.  The instructor is Doug Rathke from Minnesota.  Rathke is one of the top shearers in the United States and has had extensive training from the New Zealand Wools.  Rathke is skilled at both machine and blade shearing.

Class size is limited to 20 participants. Participants must bring their own equipment. The registration cost is $150 per person. Deadline for registration is February 25, 2015, but the school usually fills up quickly.

If you are unable to attend the shearing school, but are still interested in learning more about sheep shearing an instructional video tape or DVD is available.  This 90-minute “how-to” video is filled with useful tips and information on shearing.  The cost of the video or DVD is $44.95 and may be obtained at the address below.

To register for the shearing school (or to purchase the video or DVD) send your name, mailing address, phone number and a check or money order in US funds made payable to Doug Rathke and mail to Doug Rathke, 61231 MN Hwy 7, Hutchinson, MN 55350.  Call 320-587-6094 if you have any questions. Click here for additional information.

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